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Wednesday 1/18/17 lesson plans

Happy Wednesday!

French 3-4 Lesson plans

Lesson Name
U1L2 Day2
By the end of class today you will be able to use adjectives in writing and listening activities
etre review & read pages 42 & 43 and answer questions
stamp hmwk / go over
ex. 1 pg. 45 - go over on board
Listening activity (pg. 17)
ISN - pg 1 activity
Intro Project
Adjective review - add in new spelling changes
ex 4 pg. 47 - on board
Listening activity (E pg. 18)
Cool Down
List 3 things you are “in the middle of”

Why do beau, nouveau & vieux make the spelling change for masculine singular items?
wkbk pgs. 25,26 & 27 activity 2 only
article review & work on project
French 5-6/7-8 lesson plans

Lesson #:
Reflexives U1P1 day 2
Lesson Name
Reflexive Verbs
You will be able to use reflexive verbs and toiletry vocabulary to dicuss your daily routine in French
ex. 2 pg. 43
stamp hmwk / go over
vocabulary quiz
Review conjugating reflexives - powerpoint - present, future & imperative
reflexive wkst
wkbk pg. 20 act. 2 & 3, pg. 21 act. 1 & 2, pg. 22 act. 1

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