Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday 1/17/17 Lesson plans

Welcome back after a 3 day weekend!  Here our the lesson plans from today.

French 3-4

Lesson Name
U1L2 Day1
By the end of class today you will be able to use the verb etre in writing and speaking activities.
How do you conjugate the verb etre?
Put ISN together
Go over etre conjugation
“Etre en train de” notes
Cool Down
list 3 things you are “in the middle of”
wkbk pgs. 25,26 & 27 activity 1 only
French 5-6/7-8
Don't forget to turn in your dual enrollment paperwork if you would like to earn some college credit!  Course number is in google classroom

Lesson #:
Reflexives U1P1 day 1
Lesson Name
You will be able to use bathroom vocabulary and reflexive verbs in French to describe your daily routine
read pages 40 & 41 - write your own response to Juliette’s letter
New vocbulary - repeat
vocabulary flash cards
Team flash
Around the World - vocabulary game-what are you taking camping
Work on ISN
wkbk pg. 17,18,19 remaining activities & article reviews

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