Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday 1/19/17 lesson plans

C'est Jeudi!  Tomorrow article reviews are due by 7:00 am! Don't forget, late assignments are not accepted!

French 3-4 lesson plans

Lesson Name
U1L2 Day3
By the end of class today you will be able to use adjectives in writing and listening activities
ex.6 pg. 49 odd numbers only
stamp hmwk / go over
adjective wkst (pg. 21) grade in class (ISN pg. 4)
Lesson 2 video
Name Acrostic
Lesson 2 quiz
Cool Down
Why do adjectives have to make changes in French and not in English?
article review & work on project
French 5-6/7-8

Lesson #:
Reflexives U1P1 day 3
Lesson Name
Reflexive Verbs
You will be able to use reflexive verbs and toiletry vocabulary to discuss your daily routine in French
ex. 4 pg. 45
stamp hmwk / go over
ex. 6 pg. 45 w/ partner
Video activity
Round robin- morning routine
Reflexive timed verb pre-test - grade in class

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