Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday 10/6/16 Lesson Plans

Tonight 7pm at Notre Dame High School, come cheer on  your Trojans! This game will be televised! You might even get a a chance to be on T.V!  Wear your red, it's a red out :).

Lesson #:
Unit 3 Lesson 6
Lesson Name
U3L6 day 4
you will be able to make negative sentences in French
ex. 4 pg. 86
writing worksheet (pg. 68) / grade in class
ex. 8 pg. 88 / on board
Lesson 6 video & wkst
etre timed verb test - counts as a grade!
Etre cartoon in ISN
Pg. 37 & 38 remaining wkbk activities

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