Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday 8/10/16 Lesson plans

Merci beaucoup pour un jour extraordinaire!  Thanks for all of your patience and we worked thru the technology issues and learned how to navigate Google Classroom!  Hopefully tomorrow will go much smoother!  Don't forget to bring in your class supplies tomorrow! We will be decorating our ISN's.  Tomorrow is also Picture Day and if you haven't already gotten your ID you will get one tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Wednesday !

Lesson Name
day 2
By the end of class today, you will be able to have a basic conversation in French, know the classroom rules and have an understanding of an Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)
put conversation in order
Go over warm ups (GC) / hmwk & stamp sheets
Class rules powerpoint
What is an Interactive Student Notebook? (ISN)
-Table of contents
-Inside cover - class 411, PRIDE code, notebook contract, my goals, & back pocket.
Please have your class supplies by tomorrow!  Spiral notebook & colored pencils.

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