Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday 8/25/16 lesson plans

Open House is tonight! Please join us :)

Lesson Name
Family & Friends
U1L2a day 1
You will be able to point out your friends to someone else & count from 70-99 in French.
read culture pg. 27 & numbers 11-69 review
Vocabulary review/repeat
New vocabulary pg. 27 - add to ISN - show m/f
Review masc/fem
ex. 3 pg. 38 - complete in ISN - color code m/f clues
ex. 4 pg. 29 with a partner
Numbered heads to present (c)
Numbers 70-99 notes - Add to ISN
Number flashcards - gardez au dernier du ISN
wkbk pgs 7 & 8 all activities

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