Friday, August 19, 2016

Lesson plans Friday 8/19/16

It's Friday night football tonight!  Make the trek out to Verrado to cheer on our Varsity football team! Game starts at 7pm!  It's a black out!

Look over your notes in your ISN and you can always visit for practice activities written just for our textbooks.
Bon Chance!

Lesson Name
U1L1b day 1
By the end of class today, you will be able to use numbers 11-69, say what your nationality is in French, know the difference between masculine and feminine in French
read culture pg. 19 & number review
Stamp hmwk / go over
Number 1-10 ISN flashcards
Vocabulary review/repeat
work on blog alphabet post / finish pg. 1 & 3 in ISN

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