Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday 8/12/16 lesson plans

Thanks for a wonderful first week of school!  I'm excited for this semester!  I hope everyone enjoyed our PRIDE Assembly today, what a great showing of PV PRIDE! On Monday we hit the ground running and we'll start in our textbooks - Allons-y mes petits!

Be thinking about an academic goal that you would like to achieve this semester.  It could be straight A's, a C average in all your classes, not missing a single homework this semester, or not missing a day of school this semester!  More information on Monday!

Merci beaucoup pour une semaine fantastique!

Lesson Name
day 4
By the end of class today, you will be able to have a basic conversation in French, pronounce the alphabet in French, &  know your learning style and how it can help you be successful in class
vocabulary word review
Review alphabet
Introduce yourself to your group spelling your name
Class procedures for “Arts & Crafts”
-expectations for how to treat them, how to use them & how to clean up.
-create cover for you ISN
Assembly procedures and expectations

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