Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First Day of School Lesson plans 8/9/19

Merci beaucoup for a wonderful first day of school!  I'm excited to get to know everyone and speak some French!  Below is our lesson plan from today as well as our Google Classroom codes.  This semester we will be using our PVLearners email, Google Classroom and this blog quite a bit.  Please take a moment to the add all of these to your cell phone.  Our Google Classroom codes are below, please make sure to join for your hour only.

Google Classroom codes:
1st block:   2yb2op
2nd block:  x03penu

Lesson Name
FIrst day of school
By the end of class today, you will be able to have a basic conversation in French.
Je m’appelle/ Me introduce
Round robin introductions to group
Add in basic conversation vocab
3 Step interview with new vocab
“la bise”
Inside / outside circle
How to use Google Classroom
Review school supplies needed - Due tomorrow!
GC Using google classroom, create two dialogs using the new vocabulary from today.

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